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Listening is the natural way to learn a language. We offer a very easy way to learn English: Just listen and enjoy! It’s Free!

English Listening provides authentic listening passages that are interesting, fun and educational for ESL teachers and English language learners. We provide over 500 passages at all different levels. Each passage includes a summary, a transcript, a test, and a context photo of the speaker. All passages can be simultaneously filtered by: accent, CEFR levels, topics and purpose. Groups of passages can also be sorted by speed and length.

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Brilliant Tool

Dear team, I used your services and your brilliant tools offered by this site.

Tiberiu Paun, Romania

Transcription Is Very Useful

I´am using English Listening because I want to improve my capability to understand spoken American English. Therefore the transcription is very useful.

Wolfgang, Germany

Very Useful

I found it to be a very useful way to teach listening

Mohammed, United Kingdom

Instructor Recommended

One of our instructors recommended this website ...

Bill, Canada

Listening is the most important part of learning.

I have been teaching English for six years... I agree that listening is the most important part of learning.

Jurandir, Brazil

Teacher Recommended

I am an English teacher and I wanted to know more about your site, now I can recommend to my students! great place to practice.

CZ, Germany

Outstanding Service

Your customer service is outstanding, I appreciate all the support I received from you. Thank you. Janos

Janos, Hungary