The English Listening Brand, English Listening and English Listening Lounge are brands owned by Lidget Green, Inc.


Lidget Green’s vision for English Listening is to be a useful online study resource for second-language learners of English, who wish to improve their listening skills. Many ESL students have difficulty finding access to authentic speech samples in their English studies. This site has a large collection of authentic listening materials that cover the full difficulty range, from very easy to quite challenging.


Dr. Gary Buck: President

Dr. Buck is the founder and President of Lidget Green, and is an international testing expert, with a vast amount of experience. His particular specialty is testing English as a second language, and in this field his work is internationally known. He is the author of the standard textbook on testing second-language listening comprehension, and has published in numerous academic journals.

Gary worked in a number of the leading testing organizations in the United States: he was the Director of Testing in the ELI (English Language Institute) at the University of Michigan, where he developed a new testing system to supplement the established ‘Michigan tests’; he was the Dean of Testing at the Defense Language Institute, in Monterey, California where he led the design and development of many of the U.S. Department of Defense’s high-stakes language tests; he worked in the Research Division at ETS (Educational Testing Service) on the SAT, Advanced Placement, the TOEFL and the TOEIC programs; and he was the Director of Testing for Ballard & Tighe, designing tests to meet the No Child Left Behind legislation.

Gary is responsible for the overall management of the company, and takes the lead in test design, test development and all technical assessment issues.

Pacia Platzek: Vice President for Product Development

Pacia is the Vice President for Product Development. She holds two degrees, one in Early Childhood Education and the other in Engineering Technology. She has a strong background in media development, and oversees the development of all Lidget Green audio and visual media, and all online and digital communications. She leads the development of, Lidget Green’s online listening resource, and, Lidget Green’s online English testing system. She oversees the orientation, training and user support to new users of these web services, develops our newsletters and training videos, and takes the lead in digital quality control and usability reviews.

Sandy Gimpl: Project Director

Sandy oversees the development of testing materials for high-stakes assessment programs and has over 20 years of experience in education and assessment. After a successful teaching career, she worked for a number of testing companies, creating both formative and summative assessments. Her experience spans the entire testing process, from creating and implementing standards to scoring items and reporting data. At the Minnesota Department of Education she worked in the Research and Assessment Division as a test development specialist. She holds a BA degree in Mathematics and a current teaching license.

Sandy leads a team of talented writers and editors with experience developing a variety of item types in different subject areas. She creates the training materials and procedural guidelines that ensure quality control throughout the item development process.

Lynn Gray: Business Manager

Lynn Gray is the Accounting Manager for Lidget Green, Inc. She has over 30 years business experience working in a variety of accounting environments including academia, arena, retail, service industries and mortgage lending. She has managed all bookkeeping functions, worked with company accountants, served as human relations and payroll manager. She has managed office staff and computer operations. In addition, she has written policy and office procedures.

Currently, Lynn runs the accounting department for Lidget Green and maintains and manages all business records.