Why Study Listening

There are two main reasons to study listening comprehension:

  • To become a good listener
  • To develop good English

Learning to Listen

Listening requires special skills:

  • You need to know the sound system.
  • You need to understand intonation and tone of voice.
  • You need to understand different ways people say things.
  • You need to know words only used in speech.
  • You need to know spoken grammar.

You learn these by listening.

But most of all, you need to learn to understand people speaking quickly.

Listening to Learn English   

Listening is also the best way to improve all your English skills.

  • Children learn language by listening, and so should you.
  • Using English is the best way to learn it. Just listen and enjoy.
  • Lots of easy listening improves your general English.
  • You learn new language while you are listening.

Some Ways Make It Work Better

  • Listen to what you find interesting.
  • Enjoy listening.
  • Be patient and keep listening.

Just keep listening a lot!